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ENGAGE (European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology) is a research project funded with 12 million euros by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme-Health Theme.
The project duration is five years, starting from January 1st, 2008.

The ENGAGE Consortium has brought together 24 leading research organizations and two biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across Europe and in Canada and Australia.

ENGAGE aims to translate the wealth of data emerging from large-scale research in genetic and genomic epidemiology from European (and other) population cohorts into information relevant to future clinical applications. The concept of ENGAGE is to enable European researchers to identify large numbers of novel susceptibility genes that influence metabolic, behavioural and cardiovascular traits, and to study the interactions between genes and life style factors.

The ENGAGE consortium will integrate and analyse one of the largest ever human genetics dataset (more than 80,000 genome-wide association scans and DNAs and serum/plasma samples from over 600,000 individuals).

One goal is to demonstrate that the findings from ENGAGE can be used as diagnostic indicators for common diseases that will help us to understand better risk factors, disease progression and why people differ in responses to treatment.


DOWNLOAD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, PERIOD 1-4 (1.1.2008-31.12.2012)


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