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The ENGAGE Consortium is committed to support the training of scientists in the areas that are covered by the ENGAGE project and WPs. The ENGAGE Training policy aims at creating synergies in the further education of scientists and medical professionals and enhancing their skills and knowledge using results and developments emanating from the ENGAGE project. The ENGAGE Consortium also wishes to promote collaboration between ENGAGE Partner institutes and other European institutions offering national or international training programmes in relevant areas.

The ENGAGE Exchange and Mobility Program

The ENGAGE Consortium has established an Exchange and Mobility Programme for the purpose of special training related to the science undertaken in the ENGAGE project. This programme will aim to support some of the costs associated with the exchange of doctoral or post-doctoral students for 3-6 months.

With this programme, the ENGAGE Consortium offers the opportunity:

- To train at any or all of the participating centres;

- To be credited for fulfilment of PhD requirements (based on individual request from the application at his/her local University);

- To attend courses, workshops, and meetings offered outside of the participating countries;

- For participating scientists to represent the project at international meetings.

Please download the ENGAGE Training policy for more information about priorities for consideration of applicants and the Exchange and Mobility Program Application form.


ENGAGE Workshops and Seminars

ENGAGE hosts several types of training activities including workshops, international summer institutes, an annual meeting with junior investigators, visiting lecturers and short duration hands-on-training. Some presentations from workshops and seminars can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Recently (co-)organized workshops and seminars:

"ENGAGE Conference "From Discovery to Future Health" and Final Meeting"
15th-16th November 2012, Rotterdam, NL

"International Biobank Summit (Registration Deadline: 11th September 2012)"
19th September 2012, Uppsala, Sweden

"ENGAGE/P3G/WT Summer School 2012 "Translational Genomics Pipeline: From Populations to Individuals"
18th-21st June 2012, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

"P3G-Making Connections Workshop"
11th October 2011, Montreal, CA

"ENGAGE RNA-seq course"
12-13th September 2011, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

"Summer Institute ”Genetics, Ethics and Clinical Translation”
22-25th June 2010, The Netherlands

"Summer Institute ”Genetics, Ethics and Clinical Translation”
22-25th June 2010, The Netherlands

"Introduction to RNA-seq technology, ESHG satellite meeting on RNA sequencing"
29 May, 2011, RAI, Amsterdam, NL

"ENGAGE Special Seminar-Tribute to Leena Peltonen-Palotie, Academician of Science”
FIMM, Biomedicum Helsinki, May 31st, 2010, Helsinki, Finland

"Current Approaches to Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders: From Genes to Prevention"
NOS-M Seminar, August 26th - 28th, Oslo, Norway

"Epigenomic Aproaches Using European Cohort Samples"
Schipol Airport Meeting Centre, September 7th 2009, The Netherlands

"ENGAGE/MORGAM joint statistical workshop"
June 12-13 2008, Krakow, Poland