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Clinical Translation (WP7)

WP7 is designed to accelerate the translation of the findings into the clinical arena. It will build on the basic research findings of the previous WPs, but will provide additional insights into the physiological and pharmacogenomic ramifications. It will use the epidemiological findings of WP7 to explore the potential for the development of diagnostics, and data from prospective and cross-sectional cohorts to understand how genetic information can productively be combined with genomic (‘biomarker’) data to provide more precise diagnostic and prognostic tools. WP7 will also aim to understand how a molecular classification of disease can be used to improve the use of existing therapeutic agents. WP7 will concerned with the dissemination of findings to relevant biotech and pharma entities (including some within ENGAGE, and others without) to ensure speedy transition, where appropriate, into the development of clinical diagnostics, and novel therapeutics.  


The ENGAGE project consists of 8 research lines and 2 components dealing with “Training and Dissemination” and “Coordination”. Each component forms a workpackage (WP).


WP1 - Genome wide data integration and statistical genetics

WP2 - Novel sources of genome-wide variation

WP3 - Novel phenotypes

WP4 - Informatics and bioinformatics

WP5 - Identifying the causal variants

WP6 - Epidemiology and joint effects

WP7 - Clinical translation

WP8 - Societal aspects

WP9 - Dissemination and Training

WP10 Coordination