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Epidemiology and Joint Effects (WP6)

WP6 focuses on understanding how these variants interact with each other and with pertinent environmental/lifestyle exposures at the population-level, and on obtaining more precise estimates of their individual and joint effects on disease progression and risk. We will make best use of data from isolates/large pedigrees, prospective cohorts and our unique twin resources to support studies of such joint effects. Such information is essential for efforts at clinical translation.


The ENGAGE project consists of 8 research lines and 2 components dealing with “Training and Dissemination” and “Coordination”. Each component forms a workpackage (WP).


WP1 - Genome wide data integration and statistical genetics

WP2 - Novel sources of genome-wide variation

WP3 - Novel phenotypes

WP4 - Informatics and bioinformatics

WP5 - Identifying the causal variants

WP6 - Epidemiology and joint effects

WP7 - Clinical translation

WP8 - Societal aspects

WP9 - Dissemination and Training

WP10 Coordination