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Genome-wide Integration and Statistical Genetics (WP1)

WP1 will contribute to the integration of large-scale genetic and genomic data generated by multiple ENGAGE Partners, and the analyses of those data to reveal novel disease-susceptibility genes. Validation (confirmation of genotypes in the original GWA samples) and replication (typing of additional, independent samples) analyses within this WP will establish that the variants which emerge from WP1 are very likely to be genuine susceptibility. WP1 will initially deal with GWA data generated from the current ‘wave’ of common-SNP based reagents, but will in turn direct its attention to other sources of genome sequence variation (WP2) and novel phenotypes (WP3).


The ENGAGE project consists of 8 research lines and 2 components dealing with “Training and Dissemination” and “Coordination”. Each component forms a workpackage (WP).


WP1 - Genome wide data integration and statistical genetics

WP2 - Novel sources of genome-wide variation

WP3 - Novel phenotypes

WP4 - Informatics and bioinformatics

WP5 - Identifying the causal variants

WP6 - Epidemiology and joint effects

WP7 - Clinical translation

WP8 - Societal aspects

WP9 - Dissemination and Training

WP10 Coordination