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Miinaís primary research interest is epigenetics; what is the role of epigenetic modifications in normal development and diseases. After completing her PhD at 2007 she joined the Developmental Epigenetics Group at the Murdoch Childrenís Research Institute, Melbourne, to study the establishment of the fetal epigenome. The mothers and twins are followed from early pregnancy until the twins are 18 months, the aim being to discover what epigenetic changes happen in the womb and how environmental and genetic differences can influence these changes. Miina was jointly responsible for collecting and processing the samples, led a research team investigating genomic imprinting and performed whole genome-scale methylation and expression analyses. In September 2010 Miina joined the TwinStudy group of Prof Jaakko Kaprio at the University of Helsinki. Her current research aims to clarify what is the contribution of epigenetic changes in metabolic deregulation leading to obesity. In ENGAGE, she will be involved in the Epigenomics flagship project studying discordant MZ twins.

Webpage: Finnish Twin Study



ENGAGE October 2010
ENGAGE Young Investigator

Miina Ollikainen

Hjelt Institute, Department of Public Health, University of Helsinki, Finland