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ENGAGE Training and Mobility Grant Award:


Letizia Marullo, PhD Student, Oxford University, UK

Letizia is a PhD student from Italy, who is currently doing her internship at the University of Oxford with Drs Inga Prokopenko and Andrew Morris. Her research interests lie in the exploration of genetic pleiotropic effects for cardiometabolic traits to understand how genetic variability influence biological pathways related to multiple phenotypes. She is also interested in studying the role of genetic variants in the variability of quantitative glycaemic traits through longitudinal and fine-mapping approaches.

Letizia is involved in the ENGAGE consortium analytical efforts, in particular in the Flagship Project Large-scale (LS) genotyping of selected causal variants for studying pleiotropic effects. She has been responsible of exploring the complex genetic architecture of GIPR locus in addition to its known effects on multiple metabolic phenotypes.

Letizia received the ENGAGE Mobility grant to support her previous visit (26 Aug - 1 Sept, 2012) to the Estonian Genome Center, University of Tartu. During her visit, she became familiar with the properties of the newly-developed multi-phenotype analysis method and software under supervision of Dr Reedik Magi, and obtained deep understanding of the meta-analytical approaches for investigating pleiotropic effects. She managed to improve her knowledge in both, methodology and pipelines setting within large-scale projects. During her visit, Letizia had very useful scientific discussions and exchange of ideas with several local and international visiting researchers. Letizia found her visit to the Estonian Genome Center really useful and exciting and describes it as an extremely constructive experience.

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