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Johan has a broad scientific background, with a Master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology and a PhD in Physics, both from Uppsala. After leaving the wetlab after his M.Sc., he has been working on mathematical and computational problems for noisy nonlinear complex systems in engineering physics and computational biology. During work at McGill University with Rob Sladek and Tom Hudson, Johan's interest in human genetics was raised, and he worked on the Montreal GWAS for Type 2 Diabetes and followup studies on insulin resistance.

Johan returned to EBI and the Functional Genomics group headed by Alvis Brazma in 2008, where he is now coordinating the research activities.
Johan has worked on ENGAGE projects for the informatics work package and more recently on a collaboration project with Lund University Diabetes Centre (Leif Groop, Ola Hansson, Carl Ekman) within WP7, concerning metabolism in skeletal muscle based on a meta-analysis of a very large set of public gene expression data. His main research interest is signal propagation in human disease, the mechanisms for how low level perturbations on the genomic level are transduced and amplified to cause large scale systemic effects and disease.


Jing is interested in genome-wide computational data analysis algorithm and method development, in particular, predictive models on regulatory elements. During her PhD study at Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, her projects involved analyzing multiple sources of evidence to study the characteristics of cis-regulatory modules and RNA localization signals, and designing and implementing novel computational frameworks to predict these elements in a genome-wide scale. Jing joined ENGAGE on February 2011. She is currently working with Dr. Johan Rung on a large scale meta-analysis of public gene expression data from skeletal muscle samples, from the ArrayExpress Archive ( The project is in collaboration with Lund University Diabetes Centre.




ENGAGE May-June 2011
ENGAGE Young Investigators

Johan Rung, Biostatistician

Jing Su, Bioinformatician

Functional Genomics Group, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK