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Josine is interested in the integration of genetic and molecular datasets to identify novel genetic pathways involved in complex traits. She is part of the data analysis team for the MolPAGE (Molecular Phenotyping to Accelerate Genomic Epidemiology) project which aims to identify biomarkers (genes, proteins and other molecules) for diabetes type II and vascular disease. She characterised sources of variability in gene expression data generated from different tissues (e.g. whole blood, abdominal and gluteal fat) and is involved in the integration of transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabonomic platforms. Using 299 female twins from St Thomas’ UK Adult Twin registry, she investigated the utility of gene expression levels in uncovering associations with a more regulatory and functional role between 44 clinical (metabolic) traits and underlying genetic variants. In ENGAGE, she will be involved in the development of approaches to integrate genomic and molecular datasets to enable the detection of clinically relevant associations.




ENGAGE February 2010
ENGAGE Young Investigator

Josine Min

Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands