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In her research Anna takes a particular interest in novel genomics technology that advances research on human diseases. Previously, during her PhD studies in Helsinki in Prof Leena Peltonenís group she used microarray-based expression profiling to study a monogenic neurodegenerative disease. After moving to A-C Syvšnenís group in Molecular Medicine in Uppsala in the context of the post doctoral programme of the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Disease Genetics in 2007, Anna became one of the pioneers of ďmassively parallelĒ DNA sequencing technology. She has made an essential contribution to the introduction of this technology in Sweden. Currently she is using the novel sequencing technology for genome-wide epigenetic studies of human diseases and traits. Anna is one of the key scientists in the Epigenomics flagship project that was recently launched within ENGAGE. In this project, she leads the laboratory work in Uppsala and has established technology for affinity capture and sequencing to identify methylated regions across the genome of discordant monozygotic twins from ENGAGE cohorts.




ENGAGE Summer 2010
ENGAGE Young Investigator

Anna Kiialainen

Molecular Medicine, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden